This is where it all began…

Since we first opened our doors in 1963, we have been proud to offer custom processing of wild game: moose, caribou, elk, sheep, deer, and bison. Bring your meat to us fresh or frozen, boneless or quartered. We accept only clean, wholesome meat.

We offer Butchering and a variety of Cooked and Smoked Game Sausages and Raw, Ground Sausages and Burger. Our Old World recipes were carefully developed by our German founder and include a blend of premium spices.

***The prices on this page are available only for processing meat supplied by the customer. Products which contain wild game meat cannot be purchased or sold as retail items.***

Please complete our INTAKE FORM before you arrive to save time when you drop off your meat.


  • With Steaks and Roasts

    Price is based on INCOMING WEIGHT and includes aging, cutting, trimming, boning, wrapping, and freezing.

    • Moose, Elk, Bison ($50.00 Min.) $1.20/lb.
    • Caribou ($50.00 Min.) $1.65/lb.
    • Deer, Sheep ($50.00 Min.) $1.95/lb.

    Stew meat: As part of the butchering process, we can further cut your game meat into stew meat: $.95/lb

    Want burger or sausages? Trim meat remaining after cutting steaks and roasts can be processed into burger, raw sausage, or cooked and smoked sausage. See options and prices below.

  • Without Steaks and Roasts (Boning/Trimming for Burger and Sausage)

    If you do not want steaks, roasts, or stew meat, we can bone and trim your game meat to prepare it for burger, raw sausage, or cooked and smoked sausage. Price is based on the incoming weight. $.80/lb.

Cooked and Smoked Game Sausages - Ready to Eat

All cooked and smoked sausages are packaged in bulk packages unless otherwise requested.
Add $.90/lb for two-pound packages; $1.00/lb for one-pound packages.

  • Polish Sausage

    This is the original polish sausage, made using the recipe developed by Herb almost sixty years ago. He perfected it, and we have stuck to it. This sausage comes in rings and can be sliced, diced, grilled, sauteed, or enjoyed right out of the bag. Process takes about 7 days. 10 pound minimum. 30% weight gain. Choose Medium or Hot.

    Processing price/pound based on finished weight: $4.85

  • Jalapeño Cheddar Polish Links

    Originally introduced as a seasonal special, this juicy link was so popular we decided to offer it all season long. Made with real Tillamook cheddar cheese and mild jalapeno peppers. Process takes about 7 days. 10 pound minimum. 40% weight gain.

    Processing price/pound based on finished weight: $5.45

  • Game Wieners

    A flavorful twist on a good old American favorite. These plump dogs are perfect for the grill, and popular with the whole family. Process takes about 7 days. 10 pound minimum. 60% weight gain.

    Processing price/pound based on finished weight: $4.85

  • Cheddar Hot Dogs

    We have taken our classic wiener recipe and cranked it up a notch with chunks of sharp cheddar cheese. Makes a delicious, juicy dog, a real palate pleaser. Process takes about 7 days. 10 pound minimum. 70% weight gain.

    Processing price/pound based on finished weight: $5.45

  • Mooseroni®

    Alaska's favorite pizza topping! Slice this zesty sausage ring onto pizza or any dish where you want that special pepperoni flavor. Also makes a great finger food. Process takes about 7 days. 10 pound minimum. 30% weight gain.

    Processing price/pound based on finished weight: $5.15

  • Cajun Hot Links

    Give your taste buds a wakeup call with this spicy link. Grill it as is, or slice it into gumbo or jambalaya. Your mouth will thank you. Process takes about 7 days. 10 pound minimum. 30% weight gain.

    Processing price/pound based on finished weight: $5.15

  • Summer Sausage

    Mild yet flavorful, this classic sausage is an original recipe and one of Herb's favorites. Slice for sandwiches or cracker trays. It's good eating any season. Process takes about 7 days. 10 pound minimum. 30% weight gain.

    Processing price/pound based on finished weight: $4.85

  • Hunter Sticks

    Our signature meat stick, this shelf stable sausage is a superb snack for hikers, homebodies, and everyone in between. The distinctive flavor comes from a blend of peppercorns, garlic, and premium spices. Process takes about 14 days. 10 pound minimum. No weight gain.

    Processing price/pound based on finished weight: $6.95

  • Pepper Sticks

    This shelf stable meat stick has a peppery flavor that packs a punch. Process takes about 14 days. 10 pound minimum. No weight gain.

    Processing price/pound based on finished weight: $6.95

  • Teriyaki Sticks

    We add soy sauce and a touch of sweetness to this shelf stable meat stick, to create a rich teriyaki flavor. Process takes about 14 days. 10 pound minimum. No weight gain.

    Processing price/per pound based on finished weight: $6.95

  • Liver Sausage

    Transform your game liver into a classic delicacy, made with a time honored recipe. Process takes about 7 days. 5 pound minimum. 150% weight gain.

    Processing price/pound based on finished weight: $5.75

Raw, Ground Sausages and Burger

  • Hamburger

    Game meat makes a tender burger with a delicious flavor. We recommend 15-20% suet. 20 pound minimum. Weight gain is based on percentage of fat/suet used. We offer both beef and pork fat for $2.95/lb. Prices based on finished weight.

    • avg. 1 lb. bag - $1.85/lb.
    • avg. 2 lb. bag - $1.45/lb.
  • Breakfast Sausage

    Enjoy this ground sausage with your morning meal or anytime throughout the day. Choose Medium or Hot. 20 pound minimum. 50% weight gain. Prices based on finished weight.

    • avg. 1 lb. bag - $3.35/lb.
    • avg. 2 lb. bag - $3.05/lb.
  • Italian Sausage

    Made with hearty Italian seasonings, this raw, ground sausage is a versatile addition to every Italian dish you can think of and then some. 20 pound minimum. 50% weight gain. Prices based on finished weight.

    • avg. 1 lb. bag - $3.70/lb.
    • avg. 2 lb. bag - $3.40/lb.

Game Processing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  • Can I have my own batch of sausage? Do I get my own meat back?

    At Alaska Sausage & Seafood, hunters always get their own game meat back when ordering raw product: steaks, roasts, hamburger, breakfast sausage, Italian sausage.

    When you order cooked and smoked sausages, we have a minimum batch weight. If a hunter's meat weighs less than the minimum batch weight, it may be necessary to combine meat from more than one hunter to meet minimum batch requirement. The minimum weight for an "Own Batch" of meat sticks is 110 pounds. The minimum weight for an "Own Batch" of other cooked and smoked sausages is 90 pounds.

  • What requirements do you have regarding the condition of game meat that is brought to you?

    To produce excellent products we need excellent meat. We guarantee that all customers will receive high quality products, so we require all meat to be clean at check in.

    BONELESS meat: all meat must be free of dirt, grit, hair, tundra, and fly eggs, or it will not be accepted. MEAT ON THE BONE: all meat will be evaluated. If it needs to be cleaned or trimmed to remove unwholesome portions, we will charge an hourly cleaning fee in addition to the butchering charge.

  • What animals do you accept for processing?

    We are glad to receive moose, elk, caribou, deer, sheep, goat, and bison/buffalo. We do not accept bear, uninspected pork, or poultry. Contact us if you have questions regarding another type of animal you wish to have processed.

    We accept meat on-the-bone or boneless, frozen or thawed. We may have suggestions for processes and flavors that will work best for your meat. Ask us when you check in your meat and we will be glad to help you.

  • What is the minimum amount I can bring in for processing?

    In general, cooked and smoked sausages require a 10 pound minimum, and raw products require a 20 pound minimum. See individual product description for specifics. If you want your own batch of cooked and smoked sausage, see answer to the first question above for information about the minimum requirements. For butchering, there is a minimum $50 fee.

  • Should I age the meat myself before I bring it in?

    We recommend that game be brought in as fresh and dry as possible. We have high quality coolers in which to hang game so we can better ensure an environmentally controlled aging process. Meats that are brought in after being aged for an extended time in a garage or less than optimal environment may age improperly, leading to heavier trim loss.

  • When and where can I drop off my game meat?

    We have one drop off location, our plant at 2914 Arctic Blvd in Anchorage. You can bring boneless meat into the game room and we will weigh it and fill out a ticket. If you have meat on the bone, you will be instructed where to back up your vehicle for unloading/hanging. You can come in any time during our processing hours which are updated regularly and appear at the bottom of the website in the footer. Especially during hunting season, there may be a wait before someone is available to help you, and during peak season there may be a short-term waiting list. We appreciate your patience.

  • I am hunting in a remote location. Can my meat be shipped to you?

    Yes, if you are hunting at a remote location and are not able to personally drop off your meat, you can ship it via commercial airline or an air taxi service. We will pick it up for an additional fee. It is your responsibility to inform us that a shipment is coming, so please call or email us and include an airway bill number. Also, you MUST include your name, phone number, and processing instructions. You can fill out the intake form for this purpose. Meat that arrives without identifying information or clear processing instructions will be stored frozen until we receive all needed information and will be subject to storage charges, handling fees, and processing delays.

  • If I bring in meat on the bone, what will the bone-out weight be?

    Bone out weight is highly dependent on two factors. The first one is which part(s) of the animal the hunter brings in for processing. Hindquarters have a higher recovery rate than ribs or shoulders. The second factor is the quality of the meat, including accuracy of the shot (bone shards, bleeding). Assuming a full animal that has been cleanly killed and field dressed, you can expect the following:

    Moose, Bison: 65-72% of incoming on the bone weight.

    Caribou, Elk: 55-65% of incoming on the bone weight.

    Deer, Sheep: 50-60% of incoming on the bone weight.

  • What is your turnaround time for game processing?

    The required time depends on the way the meat comes in and the processes requested. Boneless meat made into sausage or burger takes about 5 to 7 days. Meat sticks may take 14 to 21 days. A bone-in animal must be aged, so when meat comes in on-the-bone, additional aging may be required for the best quality (up to two weeks). Sometimes we can do a rush order for an additional fee. During peak season, these time estimates may be extended. If you have a deadline or goal date for your processing to be completed, please inform us when you bring in your meat or send in your instructions.

  • How much will it cost to have my meat processed?

    There is no "typical" cost for game processing. We can provide an estimate of your total charges at the time of drop off, but there are too many variables for us to guarantee an actual cost up front. To illustrate the possible ranges, a hunter who drops off 40 pounds of clean, boneless meat for hamburger and picks it up on time in Anchorage can expect to pay about $75 to $90. A hunter whose entire bone-in moose is delivered to us via air taxi service after hours who requests steaks, roasts, sausages, and snack sticks and who asks us to ship the final product out of state can expect to pay anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000. Orders with multiple customers who request separate boxing may be subject to a splitting fee.

  • How will my meat be packaged when I pick it up? Will it be frozen?

    Cooked and smoked sausages will be refrigerated and vacuum packaged in 3-pound to 7-pound bulk packages. We can package the sausage in smaller packages for an additional fee. We will also freeze your sausages if requested.

    Raw sausage and hamburger will be frozen and packaged in 1-pound or 2-pound bags. Steaks, roasts, and stew meat will be butcher wrapped and frozen.

  • How will I know when my meat is ready to be picked up?

    We will provide an estimated pickup date when you drop off the meat. We will also contact you to tell you when the meat is ready. Please pick it up promptly, as that allows us to make the best use of our freezer and cooler space. Meat that is not picked up after the hunter has been notified may be subject to storage fees.

  • I live out of state. Can you ship my processed meat to me?

    Yes, we are glad to ship your meat to you. We will freeze it and ship via FedEx. Shipping is charged based on the weight and number of your boxes, and we add a boxing/handling fee. We will contact you when your meat is ready to make arrangements for shipping and to accept payment.

  • What is the shelf life of your game products?

    Polish sausage, summer sausage, and cajun links have a shelf life of 75 days if refrigerated in a sealed vacuum package. The other cooked and smoked sausages have a 55-day refrigerated shelf life. For best quality, we suggest that you freeze what you do not eat within the first two weeks of receipt.

    Hunter sticks and other meat sticks are shelf stable and require no refrigeration. Meat sticks last 9 months in a sealed vacuum package at room temperature. We recommend that meat sticks be stored either in a freezer or in a cool, dry, dark environment.

    Hamburger, raw sausage, and steaks and roasts are frozen and should be stored in a freezer immediately.