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Making the most of Alaska's bounty . . .

We fillet, vacuum pack, and smoke sport-caught salmon and halibut. With decades of experience, we will process your prized catch just how you want it. We accept fish that is already filleted, or you can head and gut it then let us finish the job. Our fantastic fish crew can fillet your fish with extraordinary skill. All prices are based on the incoming weight.

In addition to filleting and vacuum packing your fresh fish, you can choose from a distinctive variety of ready-to-eat smoked salmon processes. Our recipes were developed with care by our German founder and use a blend of spices to bring out the delicate seafood flavor. For the best quality, put fish on ice as soon as possible and keep them cold until you can drop them off.

***The prices on this page are available only for processing fish supplied by the customer. Sport-caught fish cannot be purchased or sold as a retail item.***

Not from the Anchorage area? We can package your fish for an airplane trip or ship it within Alaska and the Lower 48 states.

You can print and fill out our Fish Card before you arrive. If you ship your fish to us for processing, please include your name, address, telephone number, and written instructions.

Smoked Salmon

  • Smoked (Kippered) Salmon

    Kippered salmon is cured in a specially seasoned brine, then hardwood smoked. This process fully cooks the fish, making it tender and flaky with a succulent, mild taste. Wonderful with crackers, mixed with pasta, or straight out of the bag. Process takes 3 to 5 days. 20 pound minimum. Prices are based on incoming weight and include vacuum packing in one-pound or two-pound packages.

    Processing price/pound: $7.95

    Add Lemon Pepper or Cajun Seasoning: additional $0.75/pound

  • Lachs (Lox)

    Lachs is cold smoked salmon, which is fully cured and ready to eat. We marinate it in a special blend of seasonings then finish with a cool hardwood smoke. The result is a delicate product that satisfies discriminating palates. Enjoy for breakfast or with a bagel and cream cheese. Process takes 3 to 5 days. 20 pound minimum. Prices are based on the incoming weight and include vacuum packing in one-pound or two-pound packages.

    Processing price/pound: $8.95

    Add slicing (20 pound minimum) to your order: additional $4.25/pound

  • Smoked Salmon Strips

    This traditional Alaskan snack food is made slowly and with care, using a time-honored process. Salmon strips are cold smoked, energy-rich, and can be enjoyed any time of day. Process takes 7-10 days. 20 pound minimum. Prices are based on incoming weight and include vacuum packing in one-pound or two-pound packages.

    Processing price/pound: $10.95

Filleting and Vacuum Packing Fresh Fish

  • Filleting and Vacuum Packing Fresh Fish

    Bring your fish to us headed and gutted, and we will fillet it cleanly and vacuum pack it in approximately one-pound and two-pound packages. We can also cut it into steaks then vacuum pack it. $50 minimum. Prices based on incoming weight.

    Processing price/ per lb: $3.95

  • Vacuum Packing Fresh Fish As Is

    Bring us fillets and we will rinse and vacuum pack them into pouches ideal for freezer storage. $50.00 minimum charge.

    Processing price/ per lb: $3.45

Fish Processing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  • Do I get my own fish back?

    Yes, we have careful processes in place to make sure your fish is returned to you.

  • Should I fillet the fish before I bring it to you?

    We charge based on the incoming weight, so if you are comfortable filleting your salmon and you can keep it iced and clean, you will save some money if you fillet the fish yourself. On the other hand, our fish crew has been cutting fish for decades and they are exceptionally good at it, so you will save some time if you bring it in headed and gutted and let us fillet it for you.

  • Can I bring my fish to you already frozen?

    We accept your fish frozen or chilled. Bring us last year's fish to smoke if you want. If your fish is frozen, please bring it to us frozen and let us thaw it for you.

  • I noticed that my processed fish weighs less than when I brought it to you. Why is that?

    Filleting and smoking are both weight-losing processes. Expect a 10% to 60% loss from the incoming weight of the fish depending on the condition of the fish and the processes chosen.

  • Do you accept any species of salmon?

    Sockeye/red, king, and silver salmon are the best river fish to smoke. Keta/chum is an excellent smoking fish as well. Certain fish may not be suitable for lachs or smoked strips. We will give you our recommendations when your bring the fish to us.

  • I have my own vacuum packer. If you smoke the fish for me, can I save money by vacuum packing it myself?

    Vacuum packing is included in the price of smoking. Given the variable quality of home vacuum packing systems, we have found it better to use our commercial vacuum packers to ensure the best results and maintain long-term product quality.

  • What is the shelf life for my smoked salmon?

    Smoked salmon, lachs, and salmon strips are all perishable. The shelf life is 60 days stored in a refrigerator. For best quality, we recommend that you freeze what you do not eat within the first 2 weeks.

  • When and where can I drop off my fish to smoke?

    You can bring it to our Anchorage plant located at 2914 Arctic Boulevard, during the hours listed in the website footer. Especially during peak season, there may be a wait when you arrive. We appreciate your patience. During the summer, we offer drop off spots in Kenai and Cooper Landing. Your fish must arrive with your name, phone number, and processing instructions.

  • When will my fish be ready for pick up?

    Most processes are completed in three to ten days, depending on the volume and time of year. We will give you an estimated date when you drop off the fish. We will call you when it is ready to be picked up. Please pick up promptly, as this frees up our freezer and cooler space. Fish not picked up after the customer has been contacted may be subject to storage fees - but we'd rather not do it that way. Help us out, and pick up your fish right away.

  • Can you box my fish for airline travel?

    Yes, we have insulated boxes and gel ice that are airplane ready.

  • Can you ship my fish to me?

    Yes, we ship fish all year long via Fed Ex to the lower 48 states and most Alaska locations. We charge for shipping based on weight and number of boxes, and we also include a boxing/handling fee.